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A nice post by Neuroskeptic on the persistent notion that somewhere in Albert Einstein’s brain there will be found a small arrow that reads Genius Lobe.  The physicist’s gray matter has been through a lot since Princeton pathologist Thomas Harvey harvested it at the 1955 autopsy- including it’s very own road trip and biopic– Einstein’s express wishes to be cremated notwithstanding.

“Sitting in the car, Thomas Harvey recalled how the Einstein family gathered here after the scientist’s death, how his son, Hans Albert, and Einstein’s longtime assistant, Helen Dukas, and Einstein’s executor, Otto Nathan, as well as a small group of intimates, drove to a secret spot along the Delaware and scattered the ashes that remained of Albert Einstein’s body, And that was it.

Not surprsingly, however, controversy immediately enshrouded the removal of Einstein’s brain. Word was leaked by Harvey’s former teacher Dr. Zimmerman that Harvey had Einstein’s brain, and that he, Zimmerman, was expecting to receive it from his student. When this was reported in The New York Times a day after Einstein’s death, Hans Albert, who knew nothing of his father’s brain having been removed, was flabbergasted.”

OT thinks it’s high time we brought this extended version of Weekend at Bernie’s to a close.

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