Quote of the day: Immortality

“The stoneware vinegar bottle was Marie-Do’s sole culinary contribution to the house. Into it, she emptied the few trickles of red wine left after the dinner party. Inside, the mère, or mother, a gel-like colony of bacteria, transformed it into an aromatic vinegar. This bottle, with the mère already inside,  came to Paris in 1959 […]

Tuesday Double Feature

From the BBC at Vimeo, a three and a half minute primer on the instruction manual for life, a DNA explainer. Keeping the whole double feature experience under 7 minutes, a short film at Aeon on biomimetic technology, with a look at the robotic cheetah.  

Monday Morning Smörgåsbord

The nurse in Annemasse, France, could tell from the label on the blood bag destined for Paris that this blood was pretty unusual. But when she read the details closely, her eyes widened. Surely it was impossible for this man seated beside her to be alive, let alone apparently healthy? Penny Bailey at Mosaic Science […]

The Wheat and the Chaff

Stanford Medicine Professor John Ioannidis caused quite a stir a few years ago with a paper in PLOS Medicine entitled “Why Most Published Research Findings are False” (according to PLOS, the paper has been accessed more than a million times). Now, Ioannidis returns to the (electronic) pages of PLOS Medicine, and switches from despair to action […]

The Monday Morning Smörgåsbord

I don’t know how long the editorial staff at eLife took to come up with this title, but ‘Gene Swapping in the Dead Zone‘ is hard to beat. A look at virus-bacteria interactions in the ocean oxygen depleted areas “also known as marine dead zones (…) where oxygen respiration is rapid, and the physical processes […]

Quote of the Day: That’s Not How This Works, Francis.

“It is a gross overtrivialization of even the directed scientific process involved in developing vaccines to suggest that simply by spending more money on something you are guaranteed a product. And, if I were in Congress, frankly I’d be sick of hearing this kind of baloney, and would respond with a long list of things […]

Tuesday Double Feature II: Dr Hell

This was a bad Nobel year for people who believe in boundaries between scientific disciplines. Many would argue the Physics prize essentially went to Chemistry, and everyone I spoke with agreed that the Chemistry prize went to Physics. In this short film produced by the Max Planck Society, Dr Stefan Hell, who shared the 2014 […]