Monday Morning Smörgåsbord

John Rasko and Carol Power at the Guardian take a scenic slide down a slippery slope to understand what can compel scientists to lie. “Carrel’s most famous experiment was a sham, but not why. If it was fraud, it was one of the most outrageous cases in the history of science. However, the cause may have […]

The Spherical Frictionless Horse

This week Nature has made a bit of a splash with the news that it is experimenting with a “double-blind” review format. The standard review process for a scientific manuscript is “single-blind”, i.e., the referees evaluating the manuscript know the identity of the submitter(s), but the authors don’t know who the referees are (typically between […]

Visitors: Hans Meinhardt

It is a truth universally acknowledged that whenever someone begins a session with “the next speaker needs no introduction (insert here ‘from me’/’to this audience’/’in this house’ variant)”, an introduction will follow. So it was with Hans Meinhardt, of the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen. The audience knew him, and he had been in this […]

Monday Morning Smörgåsbord

Plants were never my thing in college- an extraordinarily bad Botany 101 professor instilled in me a pavlovian aversion to all things photosynthetic that took years to overcome. So great writing about Plant Science is something that I grudgingly bow to. Ian Street is doing an amazing job of it at his blog, The Quiet […]